The competence of Propharmabi S.r.l. is the result of the ability to respond to customer needs by offering technical advice and operational action with the highest quality standards. Thanks to its way of operating Propharmabi S.r.l. provides its customers with the most suitable solution for their needs. Propharmabi S.r.l. offers a thirty-year heritage of knowledge and experience in the field of production specific to "controlled".

The PROPHARMABI S.r. l is an engineering company which, thanks to the expertise of its staff and in close cooperation with qualified partners, you can develop all installations in the field starting from the ground with projects from scratch or from existing structures specific designing and manufacturing:

-individuazione/messa of production processes and laboratory with dimensioning of process equipment and assessment of regulations for correct acquisto/installazione;
- General lay-out with delivery "ex novo" structural design and construction of production premises, insertion of process equipment, finishes and construction details, etc;
- air conditioning and air filtration and containment systems and uptake for industrial environments with high technological content;
- production and distribution of pharmaceutical utilities (purified water, distilled water, steam clean, vacuum systems, dust collection and treatment, compressed air, oil free, pure gases, etc.);
- power utilities and related distributions (industrial, steam heated hot water, cold water, chilled water and compressed air, technical gases pictures receiving and distributing electricity, etc.);
- General facilities (laboratories, warehouses, offices, etc.).

The above is delivered complete in its entirety and in strict regulatory compliance, all of the documentation necessary to complete the request for any kind of conformity (administrative, pharmaceutical, electrical, etc.)

Thanks to its well-established operating philosophy PROPHARMABI S.r.l. provides its clients an integrated service for all phases of assets-related design and manufacturing structural and systems guaranteeing:

-a detailed analysis, in setting the basic design, the proposed solutions and the evaluation of the influence the choice made on investment and operating costs
-a safe definition of investment costs
-the reliability of contracts exactly defined in the quality and quantity of works
-a post-sale service of maintenance and revalidation.

By applying its reliability, organizational PROPHARMABI S.r.l. is able to offer specific contractual arrangements adapted to the customer's requirements from the development of the project, procurement assistance and Supervision; the company offers or the contract "turnkey" for which avails itself of the collaboration of companies several times experienced in the realization of high investment value and complexity.




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